Training Leaders

Posted Sunday, June 02, 2013
Think about it.  We don't train our leaders in this society.  We have leaders in offices, factories, stores, schools, churches, construction sites, in the home and in every corner of this society.  Usually any leadership training has come informally  by watching those that have led them in the past.   This could be great, or terrible, depending on the situation.  Be different...learn about VIP2 University....the "real world" leadership program taught by dynamic local leaders who have actually BEEN leaders (not like most trainers who haven't walked in your shoes as a leader)....and sign up today.  It's incredibly affordable for such a high impact, high quality program.   Read more about it under the VIP2 University tab...

Training Leaders

Posted Sunday, June 02, 2013

How many leaders in society have ever been trained on even the basics of leading others?  

VIP2 - applies to politics as well as business!

Posted Friday, November 04, 2011

Think about the VIP2 concepts as you vote for elected officials!  Regardless of your party affiliation, don't we want candidates that are Values-driven, Informed, Passionate People (VIP2)?  These concepts are universal to every type of organization in the world...and we should DEMAND this from the people whom will represent us in political offices!   Keep the VIP2 principles in your mind as you go about your daily lives...and don't be shy about spreading the word about VIP2!

VIP2 Certification - What would it mean to society?

Posted Sunday, September 11, 2011

Our dream at VIP2, is that being "certified" as a VIP2 organization becomes a competitive advantage for organizations across the country and the globe.

As consumers today, we are very aware of organizations that are doing the "right things" when it comes to the environment.  We believe we should have that same energy and drive towards soliciting organizations that are hiring and developing Values-driven people, are investing in them so they are Informed and Passionate about what they are doing and the organizations they represent.  You feel this instantly when you are in a store, hospital, restaurant or office where the people working there are truly embracing the VIP2 philosophy.  As we begin our journey at VIP2, we ask that you help us to get the word out about the importance of VIP2...and when you interact with an organization that clearly needs to embrace this philosophy that you share that story on this website under the "Share your Story" tab, and better yet...tell the organization about this site.  Through the power of the internet, Facebook, Twitter and the like, we can begin a movement in this nation that will drive excellence in every sector, and provide workplaces that will become more ethical, more people-centered, resulting in millions of men and women driven by a new sense of purpose, hope and dignity....and how amazing of an impact could that have on their spouses, children, and the community at large?  

So where does VIP2 "certification" come into play?  Our team can work with any organization to ensure that they are living the VIP2 philosophy.  Once "certified" the organization can publicly show this...meaning that consumers will now have a choice as to where they do business...and they will be looking for organizations that are VIP2 certified (just like we seek out those environmentally-friendly" organizations today.  

Become a part of this exciting movement...

Contact us if you want your organization to become VIP2 certified...your people and your customers will thank you...and your competitors will wonder what hit them!

Need a speaker for your event?

Posted Thursday, August 04, 2011
Have Jon Harrison speak at a community event, leadership retreat, staff meeting, or to a customer group!   The VIP2 philosophy always makes for an interesting presentation, and Jon is great at engaging your audience.  Jon recently spoke at a Chamber of Commerce annual banquet (with over 1,500 attendees), and the feedback was amazing.   Educate, entertain and inspire your us today (via the "Contact Us" tab).   

Share your VIP2 stories!

Posted Sunday, July 24, 2011
As we kick off VIP2, I want to thank all of our supporters!   The site is just underway, so please give us feedback on what you think of the site, the VIP2 philosophy, etc.  
What I really need is to hear your VIP2 stories...both good and bad!   Share an experience you've had where a low level / front-line employee made your day, or where the opposite occurred.  This is a calling of help organizations in every industry focus on their employees by holding them to high standards, investing in them, and fostering passion in all they do.  You know instantly
when an employee of an organization is informed and passionate about what they are doing...and it draws you to that organization.  So, share your stories, and if
you know of an organization that needs VIP2...tell us!