Testimonials & Comments

"Jon's presentation on VIP2 really inspired me and my classmates when we first heard it during our International Business Management course. It's concepts like these that will determine the workplaces to which I'm willing to contribute my talents,skills and abilities.''

- Matthew K (Rwandan Exchange Student, University of Arkansas-Little Rock)


"Your presentation was absolutely incredible . . . in addition to your dynamic and engaging style, the content and passion for your message really resonates . . . I was giving you a standing ovation (in my heart and head, anyway.) I wish you great success – the outcomes of your mission will make a difference and profound impact."

- Clay Mercer, Executive Director, Arkansas Economic Acceleration Foundation

Jon's values-based approach extends Human Resources beyond the typical hiring, firing, training aspects of the department. As an HR leader, I was challenged to make tough decisions in the hiring process - bringing in not necessarily the most highly skilled people as a basis for selection, but instead, skilled people who also demonstrated core behaviors that aligned with our values-based culture.

Once hired, the focus moved to developing employees from both a training and a conduct aspect. For example, if the employee was hard-working, yet caused frequent disruptions in the classroom - this behavior was addressed immediately in a constructive, not critical manner. Conversely, if a new hire demonstrated strong teambuilding attributes and accountability for his actions, but had trouble learning the technical skills - we showed patience. I saw incredible results from this way of thinking. Disruptive employees that were seemingly "incompatible" with the culture changed their demeanor, or were eventually released from the training. Either way, the remaining team members were not contaminated by one person's actions and also saw that the company would not stand for non values-based behavior.

Driving a VIP2 culture from the Human Resources aspect was not easy. I know firsthand that it takes time and discernment when hiring and a willingness to identify and address performance issues that are not as clearly defined as "did he, or did he not, perform the job." As difficult as the up-front and/or disciplinary process was, the payout was immeasurable...engaged, accountable, and productive employees!

- Sarah (HR Manager)

"I felt a difference in the work environment before I even joined the company...at a job fair!. The passion that I felt from the HR rep at that fair caused me to apply on the spot! On my first day, Jon (the GM of the facility) spent a great deal of time with me and the other new hires and I couldn't believe what I was hearing about the type of work environment I was joining. I have never worked for, or with, anyone with the passion for people that Jon has. The VIP2 environment changed the way a lot of people act. It showed me that it doesn't matter who you are, or what job you hold, we all deserve respect and we should all show respect. Your door was always open to people no matter what, and things like that are important to people.

- Jackie, Operations Employee & Training Team-Lead