VIP2U Faculty

About our VIP2U Faculty

VIP2 University Faculty are renowned in their fields and at home in the classroom. They are experts, scholars, and teachers. Our faculty are real-world professionals, bringing expertise from years of experience in their fields. But while our faculty members are successful in their chosen fields, they are close-to-home and understand your world. VIP2 University Faculty are committed to your success in fulfilling the VIP2 standards for excellence. In addition, Jon also includes guest speakers and lecturers in addition to these faculty members at times.

  • Treopia Bryant has almost three decades of experience in customer service and communications. Treopia was a Manager of Business Customer Service Training and an Account Executive with Southwestern Bell and later AT&T. Her consulting practice has served Pulaski County Government, City of Little Rock, St Vincent Medical Center, University of Arkansas at Fayetteville, Philander Smith College, Dassault Falcon Jet, and numerous others.

  • Michael spent three decades learning how to manage hotels. He has done practically every job and worked in just about every style of hotel, from boutique inns to convention properties. He's been told he had a good handle on the job of managing a hotel.However, his real work, his legacy work, didn’t start until he quit being a hotel manager and started being an innkeeper. Michael is the lead innkeeper at the Capitol Hotel in Little Rock.

  • Jon is a leader that places special attention on the “front-line” team members who are often ignored in many organizations. Through his many years of corporate experience in all corners of the world, Jon has proven that the only sustainable competitive advantage for any organization is to become relentless in developing a team of values-driven, informed and passionate people.

  • Through various leadership roles throughout his career, Anthony Hendricks specializes in helping build teams and guide them through the development of collaborative theory into practical application. His leadership roles have stretched across the telecommunications industry, non-profit management to pastoral oversight in local churches. His experiences have combined to enable a deep perspective into the human heart.

  • Harry Li is the Campus Pastor of Mosaic Church of Central Arkansas, a church established in 2002 in the heart of Little Rock. Prior to this, Harry was an Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering at the University of Idaho where he researched high-voltage, analog integrated circuits and consulted for NASA, Boeing and a handful of other companies and governmental agencies. He has written numerous technical papers and co-authored two books.

  • Born in West Germany, Debbie Sadler has spent most of her life in Central Arkansas. Her Masters Degree in History combined with diverse career experiences give Debbie powerful insight into how people respond to culture and conflict. Debbie has done everything from teach Social Studies to being an Intelligence Officer for the CIA to her current role with the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. You’ll appreciate her teaching style and wit.