VIP2 stands for “Values-driven, Informed, Passionate People.

Whether it is an organization, or society as a whole, true sustainable success is dependent on Values-driven, Informed and Passionate People.

Jon and his colleagues are dedicated to the following philosophy: That the often overlooked and under-appreciated “front line” people in an organization, and in society, can achieve amazing results if we care for them, invest in them, and then hold them to high expectations.

We've worked in VIP2 environments and those at the other end of the spectrum, so we know first-hand what a VIP2 culture will mean to your organization in terms of results, but also how it can transform the lives of your people.   When your people know that the organization cares about them, not just in terms of what they deliver to the bottom line, but as human beings, when they see the organization investing in them through training and development, and they experience the organization holding them to high expectations, amazing things happen! In a VIP2 environment, your people will return the favor and care deeply about your organization (and not just about their paychecks), leading to significantly improved business results, and society will also benefit because people in these environments will become better parents, spouses and citizens as a result of reinforced values, increased dignity, and a new sense of purpose.

So in this era of cynicism and self-centeredness...especially in business...we encourage you to be wildly different and transform your organization into one of true values and ethics, unbridled passion and energy, and one with a sense of purpose that will attract the “best of the best” employees and passionate customers/clients who will line up in droves to be associated with a VIP2 organization...like yours.

Jon Harrison

P.s. As you might have guessed, the VIP2 team is NOT a team of “consultants” who talk only in theoretical terms and have limited or no "real world" experience!   We’ve been in your shoes.  We've worked in large and small organizations, in a variety of industries, from small towns to the largest cities in the world, from entry-level staff positions to the CEO, and we’re ready to help you achieve true success…success that extends beyond the “bottom line”.


At the peak of a successful 25-year career at Caterpillar Inc. (including director-level positions in Australia, Japan, and most recently, serving as General Manager for their new world-class manufacturing facility in North Little Rock, AR), Jon left corporate America to follow his calling of serving people that are often overlooked and under-appreciated. In this capacity, Jon now serves as Executive Director of “Vine & Village”, a new 501c3 organization spawned from Mosaic Church of Central Arkansas (a multi-ethnic, socio-economically diverse church in the heart of Little Rock, AR) that is focused on returning hope and dignity to both forgotten people and a forgotten area of the city.

This transition from a career focused on “success” to one that focuses on “significance” was an easy one for Jon as the common theme during his career at Caterpillar was his passion for people. Jon is known as a leader that places special attention on the “front-line” team members who are often ignored in many organizations. Through his many years of experience in all corners of the world, Jon has proven that the only sustainable competitive advantage for any organization is to become relentless in developing a team of values-driven, informed and passionate people.

Driven from this passion, Jon founded his own company, VIP2, (which stands for Values-driven, Informed, Passionate People). VIP2, through several avenues, assists organizations with this critical journey, resulting in successful organizations and transformed lives.

Jon holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Business Economics from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University, and is a graduate of the Advanced Management Program at Duke University.

Jon's driving forces in his life are his faith, his family (wife Jennifer and three daughters, Lindsey, Taylor and Grace) and his friends.


From "Success to Significance" (the "Halftime" Journey)


Jon left the executive life in corporate America to devote the "second half" of his life to assisting under-appreciated and overlooked people. This journey from a career focused on "success" to one that is focused on "significance" is an inspiring story. As more and more people are searching for a deeper meaning to their lives, Jon is a living example that it is possible to walk away from the "normal" working path and worldly definition of "success" to follow your heart. Jon would be honored to speak on this topic but he can also provide more detailed advising in this area as well.